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We're Ceisler Media
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Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy is a full-service public relations and issue advocacy firm guiding our clients through every step of their communications campaigns.


With offices in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, our statewide knowledge allows us to influence opinion and decisions in big cities and small towns throughout Pennsylvania. We work with Fortune 50 companies and small businesses; government agencies and nonprofits.


The depth and breadth of our experience is unmatched, allowing you to benefit from our connections with key decision makers, policy influencers and media leaders. And our skillful veterans are enhanced by a gritty young team with a fresh perspective.


Our founder, Larry Ceisler, is a nationally recognized communications and public relations expert. He offers more than 30 years of know-how executing public affairs strategies, crisis management, grassroots efforts and both issue and political campaigns.


Since co-founding what now is Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy in 1995, Larry has directed its growth into one of the leading issue advocacy firms in the state. He is the architect behind many of the strategies designed to help our clients.


Our savvy, dedicated and driven professionals bring a range of talents and expertise – from time-tested traditional strategies to cutting-edge digital and social media campaigns. So while every project is unique, we’re confident our skills will translate into your success.


We are our clients biggest advocate and greatest ally - delivering impactful results through compelling communications campaigns that build influence.


Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy will expand its reach as an influential, niche firm that is highly respected for its relationships and demonstrated success for its wide array of clients.  Our experienced, talented professionals will serve as experts providing strategic counsel and approaches that meet the moment and engage stakeholders from grassroots to grasstops.


Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy aims to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment that values and embraces people from every background. We are committed to building a workplace and a community where employees are respected and supported, and we recognize our responsibility to uphold the following values: 

  • The integrity and transparency in our approach to everything we do  

  • Exceptional responsiveness, responsibility, and accountability 

  • Respect for all people and perspectives  

  • The importance of continuous learning to adapt and grow   

  • A culture of caring and engagement that is as successful for our clients as it is with our employees 

  • The diversity of our perspectives and experiences as we commit to having a firm that reflects the cities we are in and the issues and organizations we represent 


Our firm aspires to reflect the communities where we work, recognizing that this will allow us to better serve our valued clients. We dedicate ourselves to sustaining and promoting diversity in recruitment, hiring, placement, promotion, training, provision of compensation and benefits, management, and general treatment during employment. We have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind.  

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