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Telling Your Great Story Through Our Cameras

As Ceisler Media’s Creative Manager, Will Jara tells stories by creating videos that run on television, social media and other platforms. Will is flexible—and fast. And, as these campaigns show, he has an innate talent at seeing the story through the eyes of his subject.


“This promotion for Nationwide’s Brookside Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Abington may be my all-time favorite. Ceisler VP Brian Dries and I went to observe the facility’s state-of-the-art technology called ZeroG, which quickly helps patients recover from injuries and get back to their normal self.

We found an inspiring story in Chase Clement—son of former Flyer Bill Clement—who was recovering from a horrific motorcycle accident. The therapy was getting him back on his feet after it was thought he may never walk again.

My original plan was to make a video somewhere under two minutes. But as Brian and I spent more time with Chase, his fiancé, and the amazing therapists and others working with him, we knew we needed to do something more ambitious.

The result is this six-minute video. I used several cameras (even my iPhone 11), worked with a gimbal for stability and added a lot of B-roll to help tell the story. It was special spending that time with Chase and the people around him, and I’m proud of how we helped him and Nationwide tell the story.”


“I created this video last June—early in the pandemic -- working with Ceisler COO Kate Wilhelm and the Philadelphia City Council. It’s one that I’m most proud of.

The campaign was to use influencers to help convince people to mask up. The first challenge was that we couldn’t meet people or go film at any location. So we sent the same script to all of our spokespeople, including members and leadership on Philadelphia’s City Council. We had each read the entire 30 seconds, and decided to use bits of their footage to create a mosaic.

That created the second challenge, which was that the video I got back came in many formats, with varied lighting and different levels of clarity. I had to splice together horizontal and vertical landscapes.

But we made it work and turned it around in two weeks. I have to say that seeing a commercial I created run on television—sending it to my dad and my mom—made this project very special to me.”


“The goal here was to show the effectiveness of peer drug counseling at our client, Net Centers, located on North 5th Street in Philadelphia. Working with Senior VP Kirk Dorn, we focused on Allison Travis, a peer specialist and doctor’s assistant, who had quite a story to tell.

Allison was addicted to drugs for 20 years, but decided to change her life. She recovered at Net Centers and then began helping other people do the same. She made for such a compelling figure that I focused the camera on her and just let her tell her story.

There were a few challenges filming this. It was an extremely sunny day, so it was challenging to get the perfect light. And because it was shot at a recovery center we had to be careful not to show other clients.

The video uses some good effects—transitions, graphics, logos, music—but I used those only to enhance the focus on Allison. She’s the star.”


Will Jara is a Creative Manager at Ceisler Media's Philadelphia office.


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