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  • Kate Wilhelm

Our Goals for 2022: Expansion, Engagement, Empathy

At Ceisler Media, we are looking to 2022 with optimism. We anticipate a healthy year for our clients and one of exciting growth for our firm.

Here are five goals we have for the New Year:

Deepen our bench in Digital and Creative Services

As the media landscape evolves, we continue to integrate our Digital and Creative Services team into campaigns of all sizes and styles. To accomplish this, we need to expand — which we are doing in size, scope and expertise. This ensures that we are adept at helping our clients reach their goals.

Create a renewed sense of engagement

After two years of largely being apart and adjusting to a hybrid work culture, it’s important to create a renewed sense of engagement with our employees and clients. Our team has gradually — and safely — returned to a hybrid work model, and I can see the results both in the work we do for our clients and in our ever-evolving team dynamic.

Lead with empathy and inspire a transparent culture

Among the greatest successes we had during the pandemic was an internal culture shift that helped us respond to the crisis. We saw how important empathy and transparency are. We’re using this as a lesson to keep in front of mind as a guiding philosophy in running the firm.

Expand the sectors and issues we support

Like any business, we are always looking to identify new clients we can help and new issues we can back, and – particularly during a time of recovery – to focus in on those areas that support an inclusive, equitable recovery from the pandemic.

Have fun while getting wins

Showing up to work means bringing your best — and it should also be fun and rewarding. We’re making sure that our staff and partners on the client side can always find fulfilling, enjoyable and purpose-driven work. It’s a terrific feeling when we can knock it out of the park for clients. We look forward to celebrating more successes in 2022.


Kate Wilhelm is the COO and Senior Vice President at Ceisler Media's Philadelphia office.


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