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Reflecting on the Last 100 Days and what the Next 100 Could Look Like

Here’s the thing about 2020, none of us had a playbook for this. So many people and businesses were off to a great start until a global pandemic changed everyone’s plans.

Certainly my own plans changed from what I envisioned when I was named Chief Operating Officer of Ceisler Media at the start of the year. So, along with our executive team – Larry, Kurt, Cynthia, Meredith and Brian – our priority became how to keep our firm functioning efficiently, while at the same time watching out for the health and wellbeing of everyone in our group.

Our talented professionals in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg have been working remotely and doing a terrific job for our clients. Lots of us are working longer hours and skipping planned vacations – because no matter where we are, we are committed to delivering for our clients.

I’m so proud of how we’ve navigated this moment together. In many ways, we’ve never collaborated better as a firm.

All of this comes as Ceisler Media has been stepping into our work as never before. I could cite dozens of examples, but I’ll just mention our timely work on the City Council’s Stop the Spread Campaign, our rapid media response monitoring – so essential in these unusual times – and the ingenuity that Krystal Bonner has brought as our new director of creative and digital services.

Our people have proven to be quick-thinking, dedicated and versatile experts who can rise to any occasion. And my goal has been to lead with humanity and empathy – I don’t know any other way. Every once in a while, I actually do persuade people to walk away from their computers and recharge.

So as we look ahead, two things are certain. Uncertainty... and that Ceisler Media will be here to help our clients create communications strategies that position their goals to support a greater good and manage a moment in history unlike any seen by previous generations.


Kate Wilhelm is the Chief Operating Officer in Ceisler Media's Philadelphia Office.


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