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Promoting Our Own Image, As We Do For Our Clients

I’ve used this space before to explain how we at Ceisler Media decided to do for ourselves what we do for our clients – use multiple platforms to get the message out about the work we’re capable of creating.

Since our rebrand 18 months ago, we have expanded our efforts to reach audiences.

We Started a Blog.

The blog began as a platform for the Ceisler Media leadership team to display its expertise. Over time, our executives offered insight on issues debated in the media – everything from Eagles QB Carson Wentz’ crisis management in the locker room, to frenetic politics in Harrisburg during the pandemic, to the hectic ladies’ room line during intermission of Hamilton during its run at the Forrest Theatre.

A major part of our goal is to show that the smart people working here are thought leaders themselves. All of the topics relate to communication – allowing us to point back to what we do best.

Sometimes these issues relate directly to our clients. But more often, they are the musings of one of our executives on the events of the day. By offering insight on issues in the public eye – rather than details of our specific cases – we show readers we know what we are talking about, without infringing on the privacy of our clients.

While started this blog to exhibit our leadership team, in time our senior associates and associates provided their own content and insight. This was great on multiple levels: It provided more content to our blog, and more importantly, gave a voice to our associates. It provided an opportunity for everyone at CMIA to establish their own brand – again, doing for ourselves what we do for our clients. In many cases, it allowed interested outside parties (like journalists) to diversify who they could reach out to for comment.

The Blog Turned Into a Newsletter.

Under the leadership of COO Kate Wilhelm and Senior Consultant Glen Macnow, the team put together a newsletter to distribute our blog pieces to our professional colleagues. With Will Jara’s artistic direction, we developed a layout that worked with our branding guidelines. And as the digital project manager, I am responsible for launching the newsletter every month.

Using a cloud-based content management system, I lay out the newsletter piece by piece to optimize for reading – a task that begins the day the previous month’s newsletter arrives in your inbox.

Each month we come up with topics we want to share with our readers. A lot goes on at CMIA, and we want to give people a glimpse into everything we do.

The newsletter has helped accelerate our move from analog to digital media. And now it is among the most effective ways to connect with our audience of clients, politicians, leaders around the state, journalists and colleagues in our field.

Our Principal, Larry Ceisler, provides commentary in every issue – often about politics at the local, state and federal levels, an area where he has a big following.

The newsletter has also been a terrific way to highlight our clients’ successes, our own people’s achievements and other insightful pieces we think our readers will enjoy.

Most recently, we added “Miller’s Musings,” a column highlighting the compelling views of Special Projects Manager Larry Miller. Larry is a smart man who’s seen a lot over the years – and doesn’t hold back with his opinions.

We Share Our Pieces to Social Media.

Each month we post the newsletter and blogs to our social media channels. We frequently post to LinkedIn, where Larry Ceisler has a large personal presence -- encouraging comments to help spark conversations. Adjusting content to fit each channels’ algorithm, we post to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For example, Larry Miller’s June “Musings” column discussed why bipartisan bravery is needed to end our racial pandemic and offered solutions. This content was perfect for all of our channels, and generated a good amount of positive feedback. This month, Larry shares why silence is complicity when it comes to Black-on-Black crime. We are looking forward to sharing even more pieces from Larry Miller.

By posting our content digitally we are writing our own narrative, showing ourselves as thought leaders in the state. We encourage you to try this three-point approach – and we’d be delighted to assist you in the effort.


Melissa Sherman is the Digital Project Manager in Ceisler Media's Philadelphia office.


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