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Toomey Finds a Sweet Moment in the Impeachment Hearings

As an avid snacker, I associate different foods with different activities. I like popcorn at the movies, potato chips while getting work done and I need chocolate while I'm doing my taxes.

US Senator Pat Toomey also recently identified himself as an avid snacker. He told reporters and his colleagues that during the Senate impeachment hearings, he will keep an impressive supply of sweets in his desk. By sending out a press release about his snacking preferences, Senator Toomey created a light media moment and raised his profile.

At Ceisler Media, we advise clients on how to raise their profile by paying attention to the news and trends. As the impeachment hearings progressed from the House to the Senate, Sen. Toomey realized that he and his colleagues would have the spotlight on their every word. While other Senators made partisan comments about impeachment proceedings, Toomey saw a visibility opportunity.

As a former businessman and restaurant owner, Toomey advocates for the business community and used this moment to raise the profile of Pennsylvania-based companies such as Hershey's and Goldenberg's. Additionally, he decided to show his personality (rather than political opinion) to pacify a tense moment in history and create a bond with constituents.

It's important to plan a communication strategy however a key to success is always timing. Pay attention to trends and don't be afraid to take risks while letting your personality shine through

the strategy. And when in doubt, have a little chocolate.

Read more on Senator Toomey's Desk No. 80.


Max Weisman is a Senior Associate in Ceisler Media’s Philadelphia Office.


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