Two Birds, One Stone: How corporate social responsibility benefits corporate and non-profit clients.

September 13, 2019


When we at Ceisler Media became aware that the Rite Aid Foundation was looking to partner with our client, the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA), and honoring its executive director, we knew this was a fantastic opportunity for positive publicity. 


We are always looking for openings to show the great work of our client, the PCA. With the sensitive topic of child victims of sexual abuse, we can often run into challenges when it comes to advertising that work.


But then we saw the chance when the Rite Aid Foundation presented PCA Executive Director Chris Kirchner with its “KidChamp” Award, an honor given to someone who works to promote the health and wellbeing of an underserved population.


This wasn’t the first time this year that a large and respected corporation got involved in a positive way with the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance. 

Earlier this year, one of our clients, Liberty Coca-Cola, asked its team at Ceisler to recommend a worthy cause it could donate to. At the same time, PCA was seeking a corporate partner to support its efforts. As a firm of connectors of information and coalition builders, we saw an opportunity to build a partnership between our two clients, helping both create a new relationship and achieve their goals.


Liberty Coca-Cola, the regional Coca-Cola distributer, now donates drinks and snacks to the families that walk into Philadelphia Children’s Alliance’s doors, day in and day out. And Philadelphia Children’s Alliance now has a corporate sponsor to help promote its work.
This partnership was a logical fit and the process was straight forward. And it’s always a win-win when we at Ceisler can connect clients on a partnership that is a seamless and perfect fit for both organizations. For those clients seeking these opportunities, we work hard to build those relationships as we see great value for both types of organizations involved. 


For a corporation, these partnerships elevate their brand by showcasing how they’re giving back and investing in their communities. At the same time, non-profit organizations get the benefit of both receiving the resources they need to continue to be successful, as well as media recognition through the partnership. 


At Ceisler, we encourage our corporate clients to find these opportunities to support non-profit clients like Philadelphia Children’s Alliance so that both can benefit. 


Julia Shreiber is an Associate in Ceisler Media's Philadelphia office. 

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