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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Bringing Communities Together

I applaud the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, its editors and its reporters for generously donating the money received for its Pulitzer Prize to help repair the Tree of Life Synagogue.

The massacre of 11 innocent people at the synagogue last year was a horrifying and heart-rending episode for Western Pennsylvania, the Jewish community and our nation as a whole.

The Post-Gazette’s coverage of the tragedy was exemplary, sensitive and deserving of journalism’s highest award. Now the newspaper is further demonstrating its commitment to the people it serves by using the money received for the Pulitzer to help build back up what was damaged.

As Tree of Life officials posted on the synagogue’s Facebook page, “Pittsburgh is truly home to some amazing neighbors.”

More on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazettes generous donation.

Larry Ceisler is the founder and Principal of Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy.

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