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When the Unlikeliest of Sources Goes Viral

Since the dawn of social media, “going viral” has been the highest hope for the content we post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. “Can you make this go viral?” seems to be a frequent request, and really, you can’t simply “make” the post do it.

I’m sure there is some formula of all the right elements that create a viral post, but it’s kind of a lighting in a bottle phenomenon.

I think some of the juice behind the popularity of specific content comes from it originating from an unexpected source. Case in point: the hilarious, informative and viral @PATreasury, the new Twitter account for the Pennsylvania Treasury Dept.

I was one of the early followers and this account does not disappoint. You might expect it to be dry, financial content, but the folks at the Treasury Department really make the topics engaging and, most of all, they share valuable information, such as how to check if you have unclaimed property (really, you should check).

From the tweet about the cost of COBRA being more than an actual cobra (as someone who has paid COBRA, it’s painful and true), to the account tapping into the viral sensation known as the fish tube, the staffers behind @PATreasury are doing it right.

For a government agency especially, it’s refreshing to see content shared in a way that doesn’t simply push it out without the hope or expectation of interaction. It’s a great model to emulate, and while it may have been a bit of a risk, it’s clearly paying off. Do yourself a favor and give them a follow.


Meredith Montalto is a Director in Ceisler Media's Philadelphia office.


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