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I’m Outraged! Now What?

Whether watching the news, scrolling through social media or even attending family dinners – it seems that political outrage and the need for social activism are everywhere. With issues ranging from gun violence to immigration reform to climate change, it isn’t difficult to find a subject you are passionate about and want to effect change. The challenge is making sure your voice is heard and your actions noticed by decision-makers.

If you’re reading this, my hunch is that you already closely follow the news. And there are probably a range of issues you may be passionate about.

Is a friend of family member impacted by an ongoing news story, such as crippling student debt or inaccessible health care? Is there are issue appealing to your humanity, such as the Southern Border crisis or sexual assault on campus? If you watch the news or listen to podcasts about current events, the challenge isn’t getting outraged – it’s choosing which critical issue you want to be an advocate for.

Now that you’re angry, you have to determine what positive change looks like regarding your issue. Does it mean more government involvement or less? Will it require funding through a new tax or private sector involvement? By reading news articles or scrolling through an expert’s Twitter feed, you can get a sense of what ideas and solutions are being considered, how realistic they are and what kind of support they have.

Now you’re angry and you have a plan. Good start.

Next, you have to execute your plan – and this is where Ceisler Media can come in. Our job is to help you figure out what you can do to effect change and who can actually help you on the issue.

While some of your concerns may be national or global in nature, it’s often a good idea to start small. A lot of change happens at the local or state level. And we can help you find logical partners, because your message will be better heard if it’s coming from a crowd rather than just one voice.

It’s important to pay attention to the world around you – but you don’t have to stay angry. Get active, get organized.

Get results.


Max Weisman is a Senior Associate in Ceisler Media's Philadelphia office.


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