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The Secret Ingredient for a Successful Campaign: Passion

Max Weisman serves as a Walmart spokesperson.

One of the rewarding aspects of my work as a senior associate at Ceisler Media comes when I get to help dedicated people promote a worthy cause. I’ve helped lead issue-oriented campaigns on the local, state and federal levels. Each one calls for a tailored set of skills and strategies to execute a victory.

And some of our campaigns require something beyond that: Passion.

I have worked on a range of issues – from affordable housing to corporate responsibility; from immigration reform to protecting abused children; and from sustainability to election security. As a rule, the key factor determining success has been passion. Working with people and organizations striving to make our city and state the best version of itself constantly pushes me to create communications strategies which will elevate their campaigns. A group of optimistic visionaries cannot achieve their full potential if shouting to deaf ears.

I am constantly moved as I hear the work of those fighting for social justice, a sustainable future, safeguards for children and more. The added reward is when a friend or family member shares a headline highlighting one of these impactful organizations, not knowing that the team at Ceisler Media was involved in showcasing the story. Our process for creating a tailored communication strategy differs across clients, issues and regions but one commonality remains: It’s easy to promote good people who do valuable work in the community.

I am currently working with the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) to promote Green Storm water Infrastructure (GSI) in Philadelphia. They are educating people across Philadelphia about more sustainable ways to handle storm water runoff, such as permeable pavement and rain barrels, rather than concrete and tunnels. As we see national headlines about climate change and our need to act now, it’s empowering to assist on this issue on such a micro and local level. I love the opportunity of hearing from experts who are doing the hard work every day and finding ways to make their message resonate with the general public and key decision-makers.

Passion inspires creative thinking and surpassing expectations. It’s the subtle quality which, as the communications professional, I cannot be fake when pitching this idea. When we ramble about the nuances of a campaign, when our eyes light up because we know we are doing important work and when we continuously bring up the topic (no matter how relevant it may be to the conversation) – that passion is the difference between any campaign and a successful campaign.

For me, the passion meter has to pass the “happy hour test.” When I am out with friends or colleagues after work, sharing drinks and appetizers, the subject of our conversation is telling. We’ll go through the typical topics -- from the day’s political news to our respective families, always sure to swap the most adorable pet animal pictures from the week.

Then comes the inevitable question of, “So Max, what are you working on right now?”

My drink comes down and the infographics saved on my phone come out, not because I need to pitch this friend but because I am deeply passionate about the issues I get to work on.

Whether it is sustainability, healthcare, education or immigration reform – we are truly fortunate to influence the world around us on an array of issues that inspire personal passion.

Max Weisman

Max Weisman is a Senior Associate in Ceisler Media's Philadelphia office.


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