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Celebrating Women's History Month – March Newsletter

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Ceisler Media Newsletter

Drop in on a chat between Larry Ceisler and Director Kate Wilhelm at the deli.


Viewpoints from Women of Ceisler Media

March commemorates the vital role of women in American history and society, so we are sharing blogs by Meredith Montalto, Courtney Accurti and Elizabeth Stoner three of the bright minds at Ceisler Media. They happen to be women and the blogs focus on issues impacting women – as well as everyone else working in business, media, politics and issue advocacy.

Coalition Building: The Power of the People

Coalition Building: The Power of the People

“If you want to go far, go together.” Ceisler Media Director Meredith Montalto explains how creating a network of allies can help advance your cause; and also warns of pitfalls to avoid.

The Changing Faces of PA Politics

The Changing Faces of PA Politics

Increased diversity in the PA Assembly and our congressional delegation allows for more dynamic, well-rounded debate, says Courtney Accurti. But there is still a long way to go.

Keeping Up with the Social Media Times

Keeping Up with the Social Media Times

Elizabeth Stoner, attended the Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications at Disney World. Here are some valuable lessons and tools she came away with.


Client News

Promoting Cheyney University of Pennsylvania’s Recovery

Promoting Cheyney University of Pennsylvania’s Recovery

Cheyney University, the nation’s oldest institution of higher education for African Americans, has embarked on an outside-the-box course to not only survive but to again become a campus of high-achieving students.

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Dr. Ben Carson Visits PHA to Promote Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Philadelphia Housing Authority got a visit from HUD Secretary Ben Carson, who praised the agency’s work in helping residents strive toward self-sufficiency.

Watch Here

Author Kerri Kennedy speaks with the Global Dispatches Podcast

American Friends Service Committee Associate Secretary General Kerri Kennedy (co-editor of the book “Indivisible”) joined the Global Dispatches Podcast to discuss her trip to the border at Tijuana and how the program to send asylum seekers back to Mexico is failing.

Listen Here


ICYMI: Client Highlights

The Housing Authority of Baltimore launched a new program to place up to 50 chronically homeless families into homes that had been in need of repair.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners asked the state Senate to invest more, so that it can better boost Pennsylvania's Economy. Walmart celebrated International Women’s Day by announcing a $3 million commitment to Girls Who Code, an international non-profit focused on closing the gender gap in technology.

Keystone Counts (Pennsylvania Voice) has been named by Gov. Tom Wolf to a commission aimed at ensuring that Pennsylvania receives a fair and accurate census count in 2020.


Ceisler People

Ceisler people are always thinking of the best ways to pitch a story, even on their own time. Watch our Social Media Manager Melissa Sherman, while she was in line to purchase a piece of Philadelphia’s original LOVE Park. Thanks NBC 10 for the coverage

Ceisler Media Director Kate Wilhelm will be speaking as part of a panel entitled “Anatomy of a Celebrity Chef Restructure” at the 21st Annual William H. Gindin Bankruptcy Bench Bar Conference on April 5th.

As a firm we celebrated National Pet Day and uncovered that our Multimedia Designer, Will Jara, has a 23-year-old turtle named Bobby.


Ceisler Viewpoints

Managing Director Kurt Knaus celebrates the growth of good journalism in Harrisburg.

Larry Ceisler writes that Virginia’s recent political mess was compounded by communications quagmires.

Special Projects Manager Larry Miller questions whether Black History Month receives the attention it deserves.

Meet our spring interns, and learn why they're excited to work with Ceisler Media and our clients.


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