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VIDEO: Inside Our Logo Design Process

Will Jara, the Multimedia Designer for Ceisler Media and Issue Advocacy’s new Digital & Creative Team, recently unveiled our new logo. Read here what went into the design process – and then watch the video blog.

“Designing a new logo for Ceisler Media carried a lot of responsibility for me, because I believe that a logo is the most recognizable representation of a company. In this day and age, logos must effectively communicate on behalf of a company’s brand in a quick and simple manner. Logos carry a lot of meaning, even if they’re typically just small images.”

“Designing Ceisler Media’s logo from scratch was a long, fun and interesting process requiring a lot of research, attention, thought and care to guarantee the final design broadcasts the right message to our clients. I truly enjoyed every minute of it.”

“From the concept stage to the final design, I invite you to watch a brief video of the steps I took when I designed our new Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy logo.”

Will Jara is the Multimedia Designer in Ceisler Media's Philadelphia office.


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