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Larry Ceisler on Starbucks' Crisis Management Strategy

Larry Ceisler was interviewed by NBC 10 Philadelphia for his take on the recent arrest of two black men at a local Starbucks.

Ceisler Media & Issue Advocacy specializes in crisis management for companies and organizations who find themselves in a similar situation to the one Starbucks was in last week. The store where the arrest occurred was just a few blocks away from Ceisler Media's Center City Philadelphia office.

"I think they’ve handled it as well as can be expected. They jumped on it pretty fast," said Ceisler.

"Starbucks is not deflecting. They were very quick to apologize. They talked about their CEO coming to Philadelphia to meet with the two men who were arrested."


Larry Ceisler, Principal

Larry Ceisler, Principal of Ceisler Media, is a national leader in strategic communications, with more than 25 years of experience executing public affairs strategies, grassroots efforts and issue campaigns.


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