Digital Associate

Digital Associate Sharky Thomas’s skills at critical thinking and creative planning make her adept at managing Ceisler Media’s social media accounts, strategy and monitoring.


Sharky coordinates with the Ceisler Digital Team on projects, newsletters, research and on-line digital marketing campaigns. 


She has a background working for non-profits, and appreciates the opportunity Ceisler Media affords her to help advance their causes through advocacy campaigns.


Before joining Ceisler Media in 2021, Sharky worked as director of social media at EMME Solutions, a Philadelphia-based marketing consulting and brand content firm. Prior to that, she coordinated business development and events for Self Help Africa, a non-profit with the mission of empowering economic independence throughout Sub-Saharan Africa by helping rural communities improve their farms and livelihoods.


Sharky grew up in South Africa, attended high school in Mumbai, India and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Cape Town. She moved to New York in 2018, before landing in Philadelphia in 2020.

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Sharky is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers Fan and spends most of the year wishing it was an NFL Football Sunday.


Her real first name is Chishala. The moniker Sharky was given to her by her dad when she was a toddler, after the character in the cartoon “Sharky and George” that they watched together.


Sharky loves traveling and immersing herself in new and different cultures. Her favorite discovery to date was Zanzibar – particularly after she realized the show “The Lion King” was based in Zanzibar and that locals walk around saying “hakuna matata,” which means “no worries.”


She grew up playing netball, a sport popular in British Commonwealth nations. She played on a social netball team in New York prior to moving to Philadelphia.