Kirk Dorn


I’m proud of our statewide footprint, with our team of pros working out of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. The influencers in politics and media respect our credibility and our skills. We know the roadmap to pass legislation and raise awareness of our clients’ interests.


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Kate Wilhelm

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President, Philadelphia

Kurt Knaus

Senior Vice President, Harrisburg

Kirk Dorn

Senior Vice President, Philadelphia

Cynthia McCurdy

Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration, Philadelphia

Meredith Montalto

Senior Vice President, Philadelphia

Brian Dries

Vice President, Philadelphia

Krystal Bonner

Vice President Digital & Creative, Philadelphia

Elise Corbett

Director, Philadelphia

Michael Rodriguez

Director, Harrisburg

Keegan Gibson

Director, Pittsburgh

Caitlin O'Connor

Director, Pittsburgh

Anthony Campisi

Special Projects Director, Philadelphia

Jeff Barg

Special Projects Director, Philadelphia

Alison Burdo

Senior Account Executive, Philadelphia

Courtney Accurti

Senior Account Executive, Harrisburg

Drew Murren

Senior Account Executive, Harrisburg

David Huppert

Account Executive, Philadelphia

Larry Miller

Special Projects Manager, Philadelphia

Melissa Sherman Kozlowski

Senior Project Manager, Philadelphia

William Jara

Creative Manager, Philadelphia

Julia Wolf

Creative Manager, Philadelphia

Shannon McLaughlin

Account Manager, Philadelphia

Mary Gebbia

Administrative Manager, Philadelphia

Sam Gorodetzer

Associate, Philadelphia

Rebecca Patterson

Digital Associate, Harrisburg

Sharky Thomas

Digital Associate, Harrisburg

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Sharky Thomas

Digital Associate,



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Glen Macnow

Consultant, Philadelphia

Chris Cashman

Consultant, Philadelphia

Bruce Kaplan

Consultant, Pittsburgh

Colleen Shephard

Consultant, Philadelphia   |  215.735.6760

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