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Courtney Accurti helps Ceisler Media’s clients achieve their goals, whether it be in media relations, communicating with their membership or targeting advocacy efforts.

In media relations, Courtney is an expert in drafting and writing op-eds, columns and letters to the editor. She can create and organize media events – from selecting the perfect location, to organizing speakers, to attracting and coordinating coverage.

She provides guidance for organizations seeking positive ways to engage their members, including writing newsletters and fashioning successful social media posts.

Courtney also guides Ceisler Media clients on how to effectively work with lawmakers and shape their message to best achieve their legislative goals. From grassroots outreach to stakeholder engagement, Courtney helps her clients connect with the people whom their work impacts.

Courtney joined Ceisler Media’s Harrisburg team in 2015, bringing more than a decade of experience in government operations and organizational communications. She previously managed the development and production of the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs’ monthly magazine for municipal officials and local government stakeholders. She also handled that organization’s media relations and member communications.

She completed her undergraduate coursework at the University of Delaware and continued her academic career by receiving a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Mansfield University. Her interest in organizational dynamics was sparked by her participation in Pennsylvania’s legislatively-recognized leadership program, the Rural Urban Leadership Program (RULE). 

Courtney lives with Hank, her adopted beagle mix, in Wormleysburg, outside Harrisburg.

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Courtney is an active member of the University of Delaware Figure Skating Club, and competes for the Team Delaware synchronized skating teams. She has been a competitive skater since her teens.

She is an avid fan of many styles of music. Her favorites include Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and jazz pianist Dave Brubeck.

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