Wesley Family Services is a multifaceted therapeutic support and behavioral healthcare agency headquartered in Southwestern Pennsylvania providing services to more than 30,000 people a year, Its clients include people of all ages who have intellectual disabilities, are on the autism spectrum, need additional educational services or are navigating the challenges of a substance abuse problem or mental health diagnosis.

Wesley Family Services’ leaders are experts in their fields, but lacked the time and media expertise to promote their brand. Although the agency has a large breadth of programs and geographic reach, there was little public awareness of its work. 


So Ceisler Media and Issue Advocacy was hired to tell Wesley Family Services’ story, and help increase its client base.




First, Ceisler Media associates met regularly with Wesley’s program directors to become familiar with the unique services each program and department has to offer. We learned their challenges and their success stories. 

With 68 separate programs, Wesley has many stories to tell. Ceisler Media associates worked to determine the appropriate platform and audience for each – whether that be mass media, social media, a newsletter or something else.

We worked to develop creative advertising materials, fliers, brochures, graphics and rack cards for Wesley’s marketing campaigns that would elevate the profile of the agency’s programs and staff.   

One campaign centered on an 11-year-old special needs student whose stunning version of Miley Cyrus’ hit song “The Climb” became a Facebook sensation, drawing more than 100,000 hits. Ceisler Media associates reached out to Ms. Cyrus, who was kind enough to send the young Wesley student a present.

We were able to create a communications strategy around the presentation of that gift. Ceisler Media planned and secured an exclusive local news story on Pittsburgh’s ABC affiliate that reached the audience Wesley was targeting. The story subsequently garnered national exposure on more than 25 news stations across the country.

When Wesley Spectrum merged with Family Services of Western Pennsylvania in 2017, our team led the internal and external messaging, and implemented a media strategy to secure positive press coverage. 

Additionally, Ceisler Media associates collected and wrote content for the newly merged agency’s website to create a cohesive voice for all 68 programs. The Ceisler team also developed an agency-wide crisis communications plan, which included media training for their leadership team to help them respond to any media inquiries during an emergency. 




Overall, since our work with Wesley began, Ceisler Media’s efforts have helped the agency double its followers on social media, receive a steady stream of favorable news stories, and increase its client base.