Senior Account Executive

Allison Steele is an award-winning writer and media professional who brings two decades of experience to Ceisler Media and Issue Advocacy. She works with clients on strategy, communications, issue advocacy and outreach, tapping into her journalism background to help them tell their stories.

A lifelong newspaper reporter before joining the Ceisler team in 2021, Allison worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer for almost 14 years. Her work included coverage of crime and police, schools, communities, development, food, health and politics in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

A Philadelphia native, Allison returned home in 2008 after stints at the New Jersey Star-Ledger and the Concord Monitor in New Hampshire.

Outside of work, her passions are food and wine, travel, music, film and books, and hosting and attending parties. She lives in Fishtown with her husband.

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Allison is writing a novel that she hopes to publish someday. Set in a newsroom in a small New Hampshire town, it’s a coming-of-age story that contains elements of true crime. She describes it as a young adult book for adults.

She is an avid karaoke singer.

During her brief time as a food writer, she learned kitchen techniques from professional chefs. Her husband still does most of the cooking, but Allison can now make the perfect martini, the perfect shrimp cocktail and the perfect burger.

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