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Senior Account Executive

Alison is an expert at crafting digital campaigns for Ceisler Media clients. That entails working with diverse digital management tools to create websites, oversee social media, write press releases and produce all forms of cutting-edge media projects.


Before joining Ceisler in 2020, Alison helped launch the nonprofit Initiative for Better Gun Violence Reporting. She coordinated major events, designed social media campaigns and created audience development strategies.

She previously worked four years for the Philadelphia Business Journal, where her jack-of-all-trades position included editing, managing the website, devising digital and social media growth plans, coordinating special projects and reporting on issues ranging from technology to health care to real estate.


Alison’s background in digital communications began when she joined NBC-10 in Philadelphia as that station’s first-ever digital reporter.


She has a Master’s Degree in broadcasting and business reporting from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from James Madison University.


Alison grew up in Belmont Hills and currently lives in Philadelphia.

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Alison spent six months backpacking through New Zealand, visiting all three islands. She has also traveled to Australia, France, Italy and Spain.


She is active in Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region, and has mentored her little sister for the last four years.


Alison is a devotee of podcasts, particularly enjoying “Terrible, Thanks for Asking,” “Planet Money,” and “Uhh Yeah Dude.”

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